Most common reasons why your Swinging Sticks has stopped moving

There can be several reasons why your Swinging Sticks has stopped moving. In this guide we have collected the most common reasons to make your Swinging Sticks work perfectly again.

We have also prepared three videos that explain how to fix some of the more difficult issues, which you can find in the articles below.




The batteries are empty

The most common reason is that the batteries have died, thus, a change of batteries will make your Swinging Sticks work perfectly again. Please make sure that the batteries are placed such that the "+" and "-" is in its correct position. If it is still not working you can try to roll the inserted batteries in the battery compartment 3 times around its own axis. It happens sometime that paint residues are located on the contacts and this can be removed by rolling the batteries.




Sticks not aligned

It happens that the sticks can get out of position if The Swinging Sticks is not carefully removed from the packaging or is moved. Thus, to fix this you will have to align the sticks again. Put your Swinging Sticks in front of you as in the picture below and check if the sticks are parallel like in the picture below.



Sticks sitting loose

It can happen that the sticks are not completely pushed onto the steel pins. This often happens during unpacking or when moving The Swinging Sticks around. To fix this, press with the thumb and forefinger as shown on the picture below to move the sticks back into position.



In addition to the above mentioned reasons here is a list of other reasons why your Swinging Sticks may not be moving properly

  1. Your Swinging Sticks is placed near electromagnetic fileds, air conditioner, televisions, or monitors. These things can influence how your Swinging Sticks is moving.
  2. An open window or radiators may under certain circumstances cause the sticks to stop.
  3. You are using other batteries than alkaline batteries or your batteries have been leaking.
  4. Your sticks have been removed from the pins. If you remove the sticks from the pins it may damage your Swinging Sticks and your warranty no longer applies.
  5. Your Swinging Sticks have become wet.
  6. Your Swinging Sticks have been improperly moved. You should always keep the packaging for your Swinging Sticks and put your Swinging Sticks in the packaging when moving your Swinging Sticks over distance.

Alignment of the battery poles




If you find that your swinging rods are not parallel as shown in the picture below, watch the Stick Alignment video.

To realign the sticks take the non-aligned stick and press or pull gently on the outermost end of the affected stick until parallelism is restored. Please be careful when doing this.