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Warranty Conditions for "The Swinging Sticks"

The Warranty of 5 years is exclusively granted for "The Swinging Sticks" models TSSK and TSSG.

Registration with invoice no. and serial no. on www.the-swinging-sticks.com is required within 3 months after purchase.

Warranty terms are included with the product dispatch note.

Please keep all documentation in a safe place. This forms part of your purchase agreement.

Licensed "The Swinging Sticks" resellers shall provide original purchasers of our branded products with a 5-year warranty covering material quality and functional reliability.

The warranty includes the statutory 2-year guarantee. It applies only to new products, is non-transferable and extends to the territory relating to the jurisdiction in which the purchase agreement is concluded. Claims extending beyond this jurisdiction limit shall not be recognized.

The warranty provider may choose to fulfil his warranty obligations by either repairing or replacing the item concerned. The warranty shall be neither suspended nor interrupted by the fulfilment of warranty obligations, i.e., it shall come to an end 5 years after the supply date.

The warranty excludes the following:

1. Normal and natural wear-and-tear

2. Wear-and-tear caused by excessive or incorrect use

3. Damage resulting from normal and natural usage by the purchaser

4. Incorrect assembly or services provided by unauthorized persons

5. Unusual (e.g. commercial) use outside the private home

6. Inappropriate exposure to heat, moisture, liquids or care and cleaning products

7. Damage caused by pointed, sharp-edged, hot or damp objects

8. Environmental factors such as extreme dryness, moisture, light, temperature

9. Willful destruction, misuse, overload or damage resulting from an accident

10. Damage or soiling by pets, heat sources, weather

11. Contamination by (for example) perspiration, body-care or hair-care products

12. Discoloration by substances contained in medicines (toxic reaction)

13. Any alteration caused by acids, solvents or alcohol-containing agents

14. Attempts to clean or repair the product by unsuitable means

15. Local damage caused by standing water or unremoved condensation

16. Properties typical of the product that do not represent defects.

17. Maintenance requirements or alterations to the purchased product resulting from damage caused by third-party products such as steam cleaners, impregnating or cleaning agents not recommended by the manufacturer, as well as substances attached to the product that contain sugars, acids, softeners or bleach are excluded from the terms of the warranty.

Demonstration products are also excluded from the warranty, as the fact that they are frequently dismantled, used and demonstrated means that they are no longer in an as-new condition. In this case, the statutory warranty period of 2 years shall apply. We recommend that evidence of use or of defects be documented prior to assuming risk. In line with market practice, supplementary orders and alterations should never be guaranteed beyond the point where the model, style or version of the product has expired. Additional services associated with planning and installation are excluded from the terms of the warranty.

After responsibility and liability have been determined, warranty claims shall be accepted only in respect of the defective item and not in respect of all the goods supplied (overview and detailed-view photographs are helpful in assessing damage). As a rule, defects shall be rectified via "BTS Trading GmbH", always subject to receipt of the purchase agreement.

Please, therefore, always contact "BTS Trading GmbH" in the first instance.

BTS Trading GmbH

Mühlenstr. 58

D-25436 Uetersen

Tel: +49 (0)4122 84 386 84

Fax: +49 (0)4122 84 386 85

E-Mail: original@the-swinging-sticks.com