The Swinging Sticks - Shiny Gold Edition

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The Swinging Sticks -  Shiny Gold-color

Size: 41 x 9,5 x 44,5 cm

Color: Shiny Gold-color

Material Base: wood material MDF, CNC machined, painted several times

Material Sticks: Aluminum

EAN 4260587771250

As seen on Pepper Potts' desk in Iron Man 2

♦ TSSKG, Size in motion 445 x 415 x 100mm

♦ As seen on Pepper Potts' desk in Iron Man 2

♦ High quality, museum grade decorative art object

♦ Swings fluidly in perpetual motion

♦ Will hypnotize you and make you stop mid-sentence

♦ Sleek, beautiful, and deceptively simple but difficult to build

♦ Ideal for offices, home entryways, conference rooms, waiting rooms

♦ Great for people who loved Iron Man 2

♦ Also great for people who love things that annoy Tony Stark

♦ Simply hold the rods vertical to turn off. Horizontal to turn on

♦ Takes 4 AA batteries. (included)

♦ Dimensionsin motion: 445 x 415 x 100mm. 

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